Friday, 24 July 2009

Round up of this weeks byelections

Eastern regional organiser Pete Reeve had an amazing double win in Cambridgeshire taking both the District and County Council seats at the Ramsey by-election.

Hard-working Pete, who ran the campaign for Norwich North candidate Glenn Tingle as well as his own, took In the County Council seat he took 43% of the vote in the County Council and 39% in the District Council – gaining both seats with a majority of nearly 200 from the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats respectively.

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said:"This is a great result and shows that UKIP can do very much more than just succeed in the European Elections."

In his acceptance speech, Councillor Reeve said "It's not a victory for me. It's a victory for UKIP and the UKIP team. It's a victory for Ramsey, a victory for peope on the streets and I hope that we will be able to work together in the future."

Pete Reeve also thanked activists who have helped to run a professional campaign. The results will provide a springboard for the General Election campaign.

UKIP General Secretary Jonathan Arnott spoke at a public meeting in Ramsey on Tuesday night, in which he praised Pete Reeve as "a hard-working local activist who has campaigned tirelessly on behalf of people in Ramsey".

The Party Chairman Paul Nuttall has invited Pete Reeve to address the party's Conference in September, where the inaugural UKIP councillors' meeting will be held

In other parts of the country: Derek Armstrong was elected to Broseley Town council in the West Midlands

Broseley East Ward - Result

Derek Armstrong UKIP - 204
Mark MCintyre- 76

and UKIPs Gerald PRICE took 3rd place from no where in Reddish North

Lab 1218 49.5% +1%
Con 403 16.4% -8.8%
UKIP 342 13.9% +13.9%
LD 303 12.3% + 0.7%
BNP 195 7.9% - 6.6%

Well done all


Derek Bennett EU-Sceptic said...

Also don't forget Derek Armstrong's victory for UKIP in the Broseley Town Council election on the same night.

JoshONyons said...

What was the result Derek ?

Derek Bennett EU-Sceptic said...

This is a copy of the e-mail sent to me from UKIP Councillor Denis Allan after the Broseley by-election:

"UKIP has a new parish Councilor. Councilor Armstrong polled 204 votes the other candidate 76. 13.55% of voters cast their votes. Derek sends his thanks to all who assisted in his campaign."

JoshONyons said...

Thanks Derek I have amended the post

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