Monday, 21 September 2009

Czechs to delay Lisbon Treaty for 6 months?

The Czechs are considering delaying ratification of the Lisbon Treaty for possibly 6 months, regardless of the Irish referendum outcome. They might even delay until after the UK general election, which must occur by 4th June 2010 at the latest.

Should that happen, we might be rid of this nasty treaty by June 2010! Hooray!

Much as Germany did, President Václav Klaus's gambit is to refer the treaty to its constitutional court, aided by loyal senators in the Upper House, to check its compatibility with the Czech constitution. It would be difficult for Eurofanatics to argue against this highly responsible course of action.

The zealots are bound to be in a lather, nevertheless - Barosso and Sarkozy in particular.

Given that Brown's hanging onto power by his chewed fingernails in order to ensure that the treaty is ratified on his watch, the Czech delay makes his remaining in power until the end of the year quite pointless to his baying detractors in the Labour Party.

Might this be a catalyst for another Brown putsch - shortly before or after the Party's conference?




Steve Halden said...

I want a referendum on the new EU Treaty.

Well done the Czechs.

They have just inproved our chances.

ukipwebmaster said...

Thanks to Václav Klaus and William Dartmouth:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that link, UKIPWM!

Axe Valley said...

Well done indeed to the Czechs.

ukipwebmaster said...

Thanks for the update Fausty.

Bob Feal-martinez said...

It seems according to the Mail, 'Call me Dave' is claiming credit for this.

Bob Feal-martinez said...

Wrong URL

Felix said...

Pleace vote for democracy and against the treaty of lisbon

Dear irish people!

Pleace stop the treaty of lisbon! Is is antidemocartic, militaristic, antisocial. The disadvantages are much bigger, than the advantages. The EU can live with its actuell laws. They should only be changed into a democratic direction. With the treaty of lisbon, the european council is able to change this treaty in great parts without asking the parliament. This is nearly the same law, which mades the nationl- rassistic- party of Germany so powerfull in our country in the year 1933. Our basic law (the german constitution) and all other european constitutions should not be replaced by the treaty of lisbon. But the new treaty tries to bring all right- sytstems in a lower level than the new european right. Here is my informationpage: . When you have some more english information, pleace send me a link or text or write it into the visitors book of my page. And pleace spread this text all over Ireland.

In the hope in your activities for a better Europe, Felix Staratschek, Freiligrathstr. 2, D- 42477 Radevormwald (Germany)