Wednesday, 23 September 2009

EU costing Oracle millions

The European Empire's Competition Commission is currently investigating whether Oracle can buy Sun.

Regulators in the US have already approved the deal between the two American companies but the EU is dragging its heels which Oracle says is costing them $100m a month.

If the two companies merge, it means that Oracle would own both its own Oracle database technology and the mySQL database technology owned by Sun.  That would leave Microsoft's SQL Server as the only effective competitor in the market.  However, mySQL is a free open-source product which is, in practice, supported by its own user community.  Oracle is generally used for enterprise-class solutions in commercial operations whereas mySQL is usually to be found driving websites and non-critical applications.

In reality, there is very little overlap but the European Empire has shown itself to be completely inept as far as technology is concerned and its obsession with interfering with American businesses is beyond a joke.


Steve Halden said...

Here is a futher example of how the EU is interfering in every aspect of our lives.

There is no limit to the areas, that the huge tentacles of this EU Monster can reach.

No aspect of out lives is out of its reach.

ukipwebmaster said...

David and Goliath – Taking on the juggernaut of the ‘Yes’ campaign:

Animal Magic said...

While I agree that Oracle swallowing Sun is no business of the EU I am concerned about the future of Java rather than that of MySQL.