Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The plain truth is confirmed

In statements released this morning, the British Foreign Secretary David Miliband admitted several truths. Firstly, and most shockingly, he admitted that British membership of the socialist political union known as the EU, is not a matter for the British people to decide. His confession is final confirmation, as if it were needed, that the European socialist elite have formulated an agenda for deeper and deeper integration, and that this position in not negotiable in any way. The sovereignty of the people of member states is to be ignored and eroded, and at some point confined to the slag heap of history. In true Borg fashion, Miliband warns us that resistance is “futile” – rhetoric which is both a barely-concealed threat, and provides vindication for anti-EU campaigners who have been saying for decades that this is the case. With this confession, and this certain knowledge, the British people are now faced with a simple choice – fight to maintain their sovereignty by voting for and supporting UKIP (the only one of the ‘Big Four’ parties committed to withdrawal from the EU) or holding out their hands to the socialist elite of Brussels and asking to be fettered. It pains me to remind people that the purpose of government is to protect the individual rights of people and serve their interests. It is not the role of people to serve the government. This is their last chance to understand that fact.


Steve Halden said...

It was Edward Heath's plan to have a federal Europe, right back in 1972 when Britain first joined the Common Market.

Remember Edward Heath was the Conservative Prime Minister of Britain at the time, and he took Britain into the Common Market without a referendum.

It was only Prime Minister Harold Wilson that was kind enough to allow us to have a referendum.

Edward Heath said a referendum was not necessary because the Common Market was an economic organisation, and not a political one.

Edward Heath would not allow a referendum, because he said the Common Market would not in any way, affect British sovereighty.

Anonymous said...

I'm taking the liberty of lifting this to my blog (with credit to this blog).

Well worth spreading.