Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Mike Nattrass MEP speakss out against the EU plans for black boxes in cars.

The MEP, who is a member of the European Union’s Transport and Tourism Committee, says plans by the EU for black box recorders to be installed in cars, are just a partial excuse to build an EU satellite system and will infringe people’s rights to privacy in their own vehicles.

He said: "This is a very expensive justification for the EU's mega million euro Galilao satellite system which is designed to compete with the free American GPS system.

"The EU will not use the American free system because the real objective of the EU system is precision bombing and GPS could be switched off by the Americans. So the EU team is thinking up alternative uses for Galilao! Road tolling will be next."

A £2.4 million study commissioned by the EU, which is known as Project Veronica, recommends the mandatory installation of the boxes in all cars to record 20 types of data including vehicle speed and recent vehicle movements.
But, Mr Nattrass says the boxes will be used as a tool or surveillance and will therefore affect people’s privacy.
Privacy International is also critical of the proposals and claims such as device would act as an ‘infallible surveillance system’.

Mr Nattrass added: “Of course safety on our roads is of paramount importance but these black boxes would be nothing more than a tool to spy on vehicle movements.

“This is another example of EU interfering bureaucrats and their quest to change the UK. Recently they vetoed Britain’s wishes and allowed 60 ton foreign ‘mega lorries’ to roll onto our roads.

“Now they want drivers on our roads to be spied on. We should be making our own laws in Westminster and not be dictated to by the EU.

“It is time to say No to the EU and pull out of the European Union and UKIP is the only party committed to achieving that goal,” he added.