Saturday, 23 January 2010

Leafleting in Shifnal

Former NEC member, MEP-in-waiting and UKIP parish councillor, Jill Seymour, is standing in the upcoming by-election for the Shifnal Rural ward.

A leafleting session has been arranged for today and members from all over the West Midlands euroregion will be in Shifnal to help out.  If you are at a loose end today, feel free to come along (I'll be there).

The meeting point is the car park behind the Co-op on Shifnal High Street.  Meeting time is 11:30am and maps will be provided.  For a map of the location, click here.


Anonymous said...

MEP in waiting lol ? which MEP is going

ukipwebmaster said...

Jill's a great gal and I wish her success.

wonkotsane said...

Anonymous, Jill is 3rd on the MEP list for the West Midlands euroregion and "heir" to the West Midlands seat should one of the other MEP's resign or worse. She's MEP in waiting in the same way as Prince Charles is king in waiting - it might happen, it might not!

The Pub Consultancy Service said...

She also worked for Nikki, but mysteriously left. Is there a pattern emerging.