Monday, 25 January 2010

Nikki Sinclaire banned from using UKIP name

Nikki Sinclaire has been instructed by the UKIP NEC to stop using the party name and intellectual property and banned from attending UKIP meetings after she resigned from the EFD group that UKIP formed in the EU Parliament and the ensuing media frenzy.

All MEP candidates had to sign an agreement before they could stand under the UKIP banner to join whatever group UKIP formed in the EU Parliament.  Nikki signed this agreement but later felt that she couldn't remain in a group that contained parties that had values she was opposed to - homophobia, anti-semitism, etc. - and resigned from the group.

The views on this amongst the membership are varied - some believe that she signed an agreement to join a group, received support from the party as a result and should stick to that agreement whilst others believe she is making a principled stand and should be allowed to leave the group.  From what I've seen, the internet activists lean more towards the latter, whilst the member on the street seems to lean more towards the former.  Why this should be the case I don't know, I'm sure a psychologist could explain.

There is usually a fall-back position for Councillors, MPs or MEPs that have had the party whip withdrawn but haven't been expelled from their party in that they would describe themselves as "Independent UKIP" but that doesn't appear to be an option for Nikki as she's been told to stop using the UKIP name even though she remains a UKIP member.

As things stand at the moment we as members don't know the full story.  We have rumours and conflicting stories from both camps but what we don't have is an understanding of exactly what is going on here.  Resigning from the EFD group clearly isn't the only reason for the actions of the NEC - that's like cracking a walnut with a sledge hammer - so there must be more to it and until this is all done and dusted we aren't going to find out what's going on.

On one hand we must have faith in Lord Pearson and the NEC who we elected to lead the party but we must also question their decisions when it is clear that it is driving a wedge in the membership.  If Nikki has been, in effect, suspended from UKIP then we as members should at least be given clarification on her status and when details will be available.  Leaving the rumour mill and anti-UKIP trolls like Junius and Greg Limp-Wrist to fill the void will make matters worse.

Clearly we can't expect details because it's an ongoing (disciplinary?) matter but vagueness encourages rumour and discontent and with a general election looming, the last thing we need to be doing is fighting each other instead of the europhile establishment.

I would also suggest that the NEC and Nikki both stop airing their dirty linen in public.  If the matter is too private for members to know what's going on, we shouldn't be reading snippets in the newspapers.


Animal Magic said...

From what I've seen, the internet activists lean more towards the latter, whilst the member on the street seems to lean more towards the former. Why this should be the case I don't know

Could it be that the internet activists are better politically educated and therfore libertarian while the rest of the membership haven't fully grasped that a libertarian philosophy is the way forward.

Anonymous said...

Nikki was not asked to address the NEC nor put her side across. Nither was the Chairman of the West Midlands region or the Party members/branches from West Midlands , so this was not even a Kangaroo court decsion, as no discaplinary proceedings were followed. Does democracy not exist within the UKIP rules?

Anonymous said...

anonymous you are right the NEC, which can bar her from standing as a candidate in any future elections on its own authority, but cannot expel her. I do wish UKIP would learn to follow its own procedures properly.

Fausty said...

I've bitten my lip up until now, but I've always suspected that Nikki was too emotional for the job - a ticking time bomb.

It's crucial that UKIPers keep their noses squeaky clean because the opposition (i.e., everyone who's not UKIP) are just waiting for an excuse to pounce. And we know they don't play fair.

Thank heavens this one was nipped in the bud by strong and decisive leadership. It might seem authoritarian, but leadership direction is vital where self-discipline is lacking. For the good of the party and ultimately, the country.

wonkotsane said...

Could it be that the internet activists are better politically educated and therfore libertarian while the rest of the membership haven't fully grasped that a libertarian philosophy is the way forward.

I think it's probably more likely that internet activists have access to more "information" whereas the lies and rumours are filtered out by the time it gets to the member on the street.

Anonymous, we don't know what the "charges" are so we don't know what rules need to be followed. I'm assuming the NEC have followed the rules to the letter knowing that Nikki has taken the party to court in the past.

Anonymous said...

@ Fausty

You have to seriously be joking....decisive leadership....ha ha ha ha.

It was a massive dummy spitting own goal by Farage.

Lots of members of UKIP have woken up and started to ask the right questions about going native in Brussels.
As for this nonsense about pre agreeing groups. How can you pre agree something when noone knew who was going to be elected ?

What about agreements made in 2007 to not associate with extremist parties, what about agreements made to contribute funds to UKIP, what about agreements made not to employ family members?

As always this is a schism between the old controlling cabal and the new progressives. You are right though, the NEC will win the fight and more of the progressives will leave. 13,000 members and falling...

Fausty said...

@ Anon, 21:30

Farage dealt with the matter immediately and unequivocally. He did not allow the matter to fester like Brown and his cronies do.

Every grouping has its outliers, if not plain weirdos. The Labour Party has a goodly dose of both - outright Marxists, with proven Marxist backgrounds. Somehow, the media don't latch onto that.

pop said...

You say:
I would also suggest that the NEC and Nikki both stop airing their dirty linen in public.

I say:
Transparency is not just for the good times.

Many people want to know what happened and it will be a distraction until they do.

Treating the public as too stupid to understand that there can be two sides to an argument is a poor show.

Bob Feal-martinez said...

Pop sums it up, the NEC and Leadership treat the membership with contempt. Nigel is not the Leader of UKIP UK Lord Pearson is, ISN'T HE', he we are told backed Nikki's decision, and told her her position within UKIP was not an issue.

So a simple question is UKIP the members or is it a small number of careerists who now they have their various jobs, could careless about the members and the country.

And why this announcement now when the 'Appeal' is Monday. Perhaps this just illustrates that the NEC did not actually follow procedure at the outset so had to put it right , as you can't have an appeal against something was 'illegal' in the first place, the point I made several weeks ago.

taskermax said...

What has become of more interest to me is the question that has come out in all this. Does the UKIP leadership see the direction of the party as still "Get out at all costs",or does it see itself as being able to change the EU by staying in. As has been said. Will those who have found a "Nice little earner" be able to give it all up?

Anonymous said...

I think Nikki brought this on herself and do the honourable thing and step down. That would prove real integrity on her part and we can then concentrate on the campaign ahead in the West Midlands.

Anonymous said...


It obviously escaped your attention that it is nothing to do with Farage.

Pearson is leader, it wasn't decisive management ( Farage is a salesman and has NO man management skills at all). It wasn't dealt with at all. No disciplinary committee, no hearing, no talks, just a knee jerk reaction then a cheap, tacky, nasty attempt to smear made on TV without authority.

Farage should be suspended.

UKIP have been found out....again.

The party will go nowhere until there is a clear out at the top/NEC

pop said...


Marta Andreasen MEP's views on reform are 100% firm -- she says it is impossible. And having been EU Chief Accountant and an MEP she should know!

I don't know enough to have a view on this spat. But, overall any MEP that wants, and is working towards getting the UK out of the EU is a credit and gets my support - but only for this term.

If we aren't out by the next election then we are going nowhere.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - 13:17

Why should Nikki step down. She has done more in her first 6 months as an MEP than most have done in the last 5 years.Nikki is very principled and is doing the job UKIP MEPS were sent to Brussels to do back in 1998. Supporting the branches and donating half of her salary every year to the cause now thats real integrity.

Then again I note you rather we stay in the EFD. For what reason ? we get nothing out !

jean shaw said...

This is old news , she had the whip withdrawn a fortnight ago . She was given no chance of hearing why , it seems another stitch up n by the old boys clique who dont like her because she speaks the truth and is a fairly abrasive personality which I gather is the real reason behind the problem she faces
The letter she circulated to West Midlands members made out a very good case for getting away from some of the other Parties incl in the Group in the EU Parliament . Some are not even anti-EU !!!!
She has been a committed supporter of UKIP far longer than some of the late comers who are now trying to judge her.
Fortunately Lord Pearson who was NOT at the NEC meeting which took the decision is holding ameeting at which all parties will make their case.
What I hope for is that a compromise can be reached we need Nikki , dont forget she was the 3rd most popular contender for the leadership.

Bob Feal-martinez said...

jean shaw, she was indeed 3rd in the leadership but in my view her chances were seriously damaged, by guess who.

I would love to think the meeting on Monday would make a difference and Lord P has the courage to say to the NEC, "I gave my word to Nikki, if you effectively vote her out of UKIP, I will resign.".

We keep hearing he is a man of integrity now is the time for him to show it.

Rob Sale said...

For Christ sake can we just come together and deal with this after the election! We have an election!

taskermax said...

Isn't the only way to leave, to repeal the European communities act in parliament? If so it has to be make or break at the GE.

pop said...

Yup repeal of the communities act.

Even if UKIP don't form the next government, every vote they get is a vote for (at least) a referendum on EU membership.

Everyone needs to be aware that no vote for UKIP is ever wasted -- every one will count towards a referendum.

Anyone fed-up with politics and the liblabcon has a *genuine* chance to make a difference - vote UKIP and even if the UKIP candidate doesn't win whoever does form the next government will not be able to ignore them.

Bob Feal-martinez said...

Rob, the NEC and Nigel Farage let this little cat out of the bag. It will not now go away, however much we all want it to.

If we believe in fairness and democracy then this has to be resolved by the NEC standing back and realising they have been manipulated once again.

Senior said...

I think that Nikki and Bob should leave UKIP and form their own party, because both are against aligning with fascists who think Hungarians are inferior just because they're Hungarian, and both disagree with banning the veil.

Taking action against somebody for refusing to align with racists and homophobes makes UKIP look like or worse than the BNP, and proves that UKIP are not a mainstream alternative to Labour, the Lib Dems and the Conservatives.

So please Nikki and Bob, give me a party I can vote for.

Bob Feal-martinez said...

Senior, I have no desire to leave UKIP as I believe that the vast majority of the membership, if they knew what was going on would be horrified, as most of my fellow members in Swindon are, because they are informed.

I fully expect 'the knock on the door' soon. I have spent 2 years supporting people who now seem to have shown to me, that others were right about them.

It is ironic that I have been subjected to much vitriol for former UKIPer's but I will not slag off the party, I will express my views about those who I believe have harmed the party.

Fausty said...

@ Anon @ 13:18

Farage is UKIP's official spokesman.

Fausty said...

Rob, yes we should aim to be more united. Debate is healthy, though.

UKIPers are realistic, as opposed to idealistic. Because of that, debate should assist in unifying opinion on the important issues.

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