Saturday, 6 February 2010

Climate change religion is falling apart

A Populus poll conducted for BBC News has shown a marked increase in the number of people who don't believe in the global warming climate change CO2 pollution religion.

Just 3 months ago 41% of people believed in man-made climate change, now only 26% believe.  38% believe that climate change is not proven to be man-made when 3 months ago only 32% held that opinion.  Three months ago 8% of people thought man-made climate change was environmentalist propaganda, that figure has now risen to 10%.

Worryingly, the number of people who think climate change is not happening at all has gone up from 15% three months ago to 25%.  I say worryingly because the climate is changing, just as it has for billions of years!

Overall, this is excellent news.  The wheels are falling off the global warming wagon as more and more people see through the lies, dishonesty and propaganda.


paulo said...

I am not even convinced that we are going through any sort of climate change. This winter has been similar to the ones I knew as a youngster - let's say 40 years ago. So what?

Climate change / global warming?

Can we not just give it a rest?


Bob Feal-martinez said...

It is good news the public is seeing the light. The problem is that the EU and others will plough on regardless. Putting into place things like Carbon Credits, a license to print money as the head of the IPCC and Corus knows all too well.

pop said...

The main problem for the UK is that manufacturing, industry and pretty much all business has been hammered by NuLabour and the EU.

We need to get at least half public sector employees off the public payroll.

But what wealth creating activities are they going to do instead (and so contribute to the countries wealth instead of consuming it)?

Brown and Cameron are banking on a massive new UK industry related carbon neutral energy and related technologies.

With out global warming there isn't going to be a new industry, and the future economic well being of this country is even more up in the air than it was before.

Brown has flushed three trillion pounds of wealth - created by hard-working private sector taxpayers - down the toilet.

If we are to foot the bill, the least we could have expected was something to show for it... New industries, thriving businesses, entrepreneurship... Tragic.

(p.s. I heard that 80% of the BBC pension fund is invested in 'green energy' related companies... Not that they are ever biased...)

Libertarian said...

Spain has invested heavily in new "green sector" jobs.

After 2 years of this Spain lost 2.2 jobs for each "new Green" job created and now has unemployment of 19% I'll say that again Spain has nineteen percent unemployment.

I agree with Pop, we need a return to encouraging small and medium sized private job and wealth creating enterprises. Scrap IR35 and allow 600,000 new small businesses to grow. As of 2012 a new payroll tax of 4% is to be introduced on top of the NIC tax of 13% already in place. No wonder that there has been no net gain in private sector employment since 1997

neil craig said...

I suspect the 15-25% were not answering the literal quation but answering what they knew the Beeboids would make of it - that if enough had answered yes the BBBC would have broadcast that there is a "consensus" that climate change is happening & the "deniers" thus wrong. Poll questions are often worded that way.

Now if the BBC were to ask "do you have evidence to believe that catastrophic global warming including massive sea level rise is proven to be happening" there would be almost 100% consensus on "no". They go for the answer they want & didn't get it.

Anonymous said...

I have always believed that so-called global warming originated when NASA was made to fund itself in the late 70s and started to peddle the myth of man-made warming to generate income. It became no more honest than mass religion. Repeat anything long enough and it becomes unnecessary to go on proving it. The killer is the expatriation of cash through the carbon trading. The Africans wanted to give Gordon Brown a job! Me? I would have let them eat the bugger. It makes a very powerful tool and sloshes money around...try and find out where it really goes.

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