Monday, 8 February 2010

EuropeNews: 'Islamist' emails from Tower Hamlets council address sent to UKIP

'Islamist' emails from Tower Hamlets council address sent to UKIP

TOWER Hamlets council has launched a disciplinary enquiry over pro-Islamist emails sent to a London Euro-MP. Two e-mails, with a town hall address, attacked proposals by the UK Independence Party to ban Muslim face coverings, including burkas and hijabs, in public places and accused the party of trying to "stoke a religious war on the streets of Britain."

London MEP Gerard Batten has lodged a formal complaint with Tower Hamlets council and is demanding to know what disciplinary action will be taken against any individual found responsible for sending the emails.

The emails, which have been linked to a Town Hall employee's email account, were sent last month.

One message said: "Teenage pregnancies, binge drinking, that is what is associated with British culture. Islam is the dominant religion in the United Kingdom. If you don't like it, go live somewhere else (...)


Adam R. said...

Aren't these the kind of zealots who get offended over the English flag, canine imagery, pork products, Christmas, bikinis, etc. and want to ban such things? What a bunch of pathetic windbags. Aren't 57 Islamic states enough?

Steve Halden said...

According to Sir Humphrey on Yes Minister, launching and an enquiry was the best way to sweep a problem under the carpet and forget all about it.

Anonymous said...

Exactly where my remarks on one of the other blogs regarding the Burka was going. We are going to loose this country to islam. Call for prayer loud speakers next. Full sharia law imposed.

If someone doesnt take control of things the only thing that will be left to do is bale out and live in another country.

There is a difference between letting these people come live here in our country, and letting them take over it. Something the current government has turned a blind eye to for way too long.


Barry said...

Having worked as a Consultant for the Pakistani Government (based in an Islamabad government office ) for 2 years, I cannot recall seeing a burka there at all! Oh, and English was the only official language allowed - no Urdu or Bengali. Certainly no waste of money on translations.
Plenty of folk in England are uncomfortable with the Burka for cultural and security reasons.Their views MUST be respected.Newcomers have to abide by our ways- not the reverse.

Bob Feal-martinez said...

Are we really that naive that we didn't expect a backlash over the Burqa policy.

We will once again be made to look silly by this complaint. There are many Muslims who live and work in London. Not the brightest idea.

My Chairman has told me he works with a number of Muslims who were intending to vote UKIP, but will not be now, not because they disagree about faces being uncovered but because we specified one group, rather than making it a generic policy.

Something I said at the outset.

Anonymous said...

Who cares what the 'dominant religion' is anyway? There are more ethnic Britons than any other group by far - if we were still stuck in the dark days of zealotry we'd never have harboured heathens in our midst in the first place.

Religion is irrelevent, the rule of law is all that matters. The law shoud reflect that.