Friday, 5 February 2010

UKIP appealing against Electoral Commission vendetta in Supreme Court

UKIP has been given permission to take its appeal against the sock puppet Electoral Commission's vendetta against the party to the Supreme Court.

Alan Bown suspiciously disappeared off the electoral register after he switched allegiances from the Conservatives to UKIP.  The Electoral Commission ordered the forfeiture of £363k in donations that Alan Bown made during the time he was taken off the electoral register.  UKIP went to court over the decision and the judge ruled that it was an honest mistake and reduced the forfeiture to £18k.

The Electoral Commission, official defenders of the status quo, didn't like losing and appealed the decision in the High Court who ruled in their favour and reinstated the full forfeiture of £363k.  Around the same time, the Electoral Commission announced that it wouldn't be ordering the Lib Dims to repay £2.4m in illegal donations made using the proceeds of crime from a convicted criminal living abroad!

In other words this is yet another UK/EU stitch-up aimed at trying to bring down the only party challenging the cosy EU love-in of the LibLabCon.


Bob Feal-martinez said...

I guess that should Alan Bown, Stuart.

wonkotsane said...

I have to stop writing stuff when I'm half asleep!

Greg L-W. said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Greg L-W. said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
wonkotsane said...

Comments from UKIP-hating EU mole Greg Limp-Wrist deleted. There's a difference between constructive criticism and personal attacks.

Gullible little Stuart Parr

Neither gullible nor, at 6'1", little.

clearly the lad

At 32 years of age, also not considered a "lad" by many other than, perhaps, bitter has-beens who failed to carve out the career in politics that their addled minds think the world owes them.

Posted by wonkotsane (the idiotic name Stuart Parr likes to hide his dishonesty behind)

Such a good job of hiding behind the name that even a semi-literate deranged fantasist who spends every waking hour making up fairy stories for his EU paymasters could put a real name to a pseudonym! I make no attempt to conceal my identity, even a trained chimp could link the two names together as Greg Limp-Wrist has demonstrated.

Keep commenting Greg, I'll keep deleting.

neil craig said...

The Electoral Commission is quite clearly corrupt.

Lets repeat that:

The Electoral Commission is quite clearly corrupt.

We have alsom see a Brimingham judge saying before the last election of the postal ballots for all system that "short of writing steal me on the envelopes there is nothing more the government could have done to encourage fraud".

If these had happened in Ukraine or Iran the BBC would have been all over it. But then the BBC is the state broadcaster.

Greg L-W. said...

Such a pity you lack the intellect to discuss facts and resort to the EUkip technique of distortion, lies and delete when unable to present clear facts to make your point.

It is all on my blog so at least lots more people will read the facts backed with truth than ever will here.

Greg L-W.

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