Monday, 29 March 2010

Nick Griffin caught lying again

The Bigoted Nazi Party has claimed that UKIP are responsible for allowing a piece of legislation to pass by only 5 votes in the EU pretendy parliament resulting in more taxpayers money being spent after UKIP MEPs walked out before the vote took place.

It's true that UKIP MEPs left the pretendy parliament before the vote took place and true that if UKIP MEPs had stayed to vote and voted against it that it would have failed but it is not a piece of legislation, nor will it cost the taxpayer anything.

The vote was on an "own initiative" report which has isn't a piece of legislation, doesn't change any law, won't be implemented and won't cost the taxpayer a penny.  The only effect of walking out before the vote took place is that the pretendy parliament was reminded of what a useless charade it is and Nikki Griffin looked is exposed (once again) as a liar.
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