Tuesday, 30 March 2010

UKIP Plymouth office attacked for 3rd time

The UKIP Plymouth office in Mutley Plain has been attacked by vandals for the third time in 6 weeks.

The shop window has a large UKIP logo on it and on all three occassions a brick or rock has been thrown through the part of the window where the logo is leading police to believe that the attacks are politically motivated.

So who's doing it?  Is it the LibLabCon, worried about losing seats to UKIP?  Is it the BNP, unhappy that they're going to be denied a seat in Westminster?  My money is on generic left wing nutjobs who tend to be petty, angry small time criminals.

Whoever it is is doing a fantastic job of publicising UKIP anyway, three appearances in the local paper because of politically-motivated vandalism is publicity you can't buy this close to an election!

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