Thursday, 2 September 2010

Libya demands €5bn from EU

Colonel Gaddafi has demanded £4.1bn off the European Empire to stop illegal immigration from Libya.

Gaddafi used a visit to Libya's former colonial ruler, Italy, to make a speech calling for the Italians to convince the European Empire that they need to give him €5bn to counter "the risk of [Europe] turning black from illegal immigration".

Whilst in Rome, Gaddafi hosted a "Convert to Islam" party which was attended by 500 models, some of which were rented from an escort agency.  The Vatican weren't particularly impressed with Gaddafi using their back yard to recruit more victims and neither is our own Nigel Farage:
This is blackmail from a delusional dictator. It is outrageous that after calling for us all to convert to Islam, he is now threatening to send us Africa’s poor benighted masses.
Gaddafi is an unelected dictator, a racist, an Islamist and now he's demanding money with menaces.  Will our spineless masters in Brussels tell him to bugger off or meekly hand over the money?  I think we all know the answer.