Thursday, 2 September 2010

Party Conference starts tomorrow

Tomorrow is the first day of UKIP's annual conference and it promises to be an interesting one, with the new NEC only having been elected a few days ago, the resignation of Lord Pearson and the appointment of an interim leader to replace him.

Sadly I couldn't be at the conference again this year - not only is it my daughter's birthday today when I would have to start travelling but Torquay really is the arse end of nowhere and the expense and hassle of catching three trains from Telford to Torquay, travelling for 4 hours, is less than appealing.

Had I been going to the conference, though, I would no doubt have ended up lending a hand with the Campaign for an English Parliament's stand.  The CEP was invited to set up a stand at the fringe by David Campbell Bannerman following a meeting with the chairman of the CEP a few weeks ago.  I'm told that DCB is still clinging on to his nonsensical stance on devolution, even though he admitted that the policy he personally devised would never be accepted by the Scots but it's reassuring to see our deputy leader listen to an alternative viewpoint and encourage debate at the conference.

The CEP's flyer for the conference can be found here and the debate is at 12:45 tomorrow lunchtime (Friday).  Supporters of devolution might also be interested in the UKIP 1997 Group.