Friday, 29 October 2010

Cameron caves in to EU shocker

Well who'd have thought it?  Camoron has caved in to the European Empire and broken his cast iron guarantee to hold a referendum on the EU constitution/Lisbon Treaty again.

He set a new personal record for caving in to the European Empire by conceding defeat a day before he even started negotiations.  Well done Dave, quite the statesman aren't we?

Cast Iron Dave said he was going to Brussels to put a stop to the unacceptable 6% budget increase his bosses on the continent are demanding.  Instead he agreed to a £435m (2.91%) increase in the EU budget before he even left the country.

According to the President of the EU Parliament, Jerzy Buzek, only 10 of the 27 EU regional administrators (formerly known as Prime Ministers and Presidents) are siding with Camoron - far below the majority needed to make a futile show of opposing the europhile EU Parliament which came up with the 6% in the first place.

Lord Tebbit has upset some eurofederalists by bringing up the 2nd world war European civil war by warning Camoron not "to surrender in Vichy-style arrangement, pretending to hold on to sovereignty by agreeing to what Europe demands".  He's already surrendered Lord T, stop wasting your time with the Conservative & (European) Unionist Party and put your efforts into a proper eurosceptic party.

France and Germany have both agreed on the need for a new version of the EU constitution/Lisbon Treaty to give the European Empire more power over national budgets.  This should trigger a referendum under Camoron's own rules but he said that as we're not in the euro we don't need a referendum.

As well as agreeing to give another £435m per year to the EU - about £435m more than we can afford - Camoron has formally agreed to present the UK national budget to the EU before it's presented to the UK Parliament and to be fined if the EU decides we've borrowed too much money.

Camoron has caved in yet again, putting EU ambition ahead of national interest.  He's broken another referendum promise, handed over more of our sovereignty to the EU and agreed to give them close to half a billion pounds per year more for their slush fund at a time when the British government is slashing public spending and raising taxes at home because we're bankrupt.

It's no wonder even died in the wool Tories can't find a good thing to say about Camoron when it comes to the EU.

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