Thursday, 28 October 2010

David Cameron: Compulsive Liar & Traitorous Europhile

David Camoron is going to the European Empire today to fight for a limit on the increase in the EU budget.  A few days ago he wanted a freeze in the budget and a few days before that he wanted a reduction in the budget.  By the end of the day he'll have increased our contribution and agreed to abolish the rebate.

It is impossible for the UK government to reduce the EU budget.  Even if Camoron somehow managed to get a majority of the heads of member states to agree to limit the obscene 6.2% increase in the EU budget, the EU Parliament can overrule them and as we all know, 90% of the EU Parliament is made up of europhile traitors whose only objective in life is lining their own pockets and creating a European Empire.

Cast Iron Dave gave a cast iron promise that we would have a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty/EU constitution.  He lied.

He said his government wouldn't transfer any more powers to the EU and then transferred more criminal justice powers to the EU, agreed to illegal EU scrutiny of the UK budget before it goes to Parliament and agreed to the creation of an EU financial services regulator.  He lied.

He said he would fight for a reduction in the EU budget.  He lied.

He said he would fight for a freeze in the EU budget.  He lied.

He says he's going to fight for a limit on the EU budget increase.  He's lying!

France and Germany want to change the Lisbon Treaty/EU constitution to give the EU more control over eurozone economies.  Camoron said any new treaty or treaty change would be subject to a referendum.  Now he says we don't need a referendum on this change to the Lisbon Treaty because we're not in the euro.  Another lie.

David Camoron is a compulsive liar and a treasonous europhile.  He has surrounded himself with europhile Tories and Lib Dems in his ConDem coalition cabinet.  During the election campaign we said "Vote Conservative, get Brussels".  The electorate voted Conservative and they're getting Brussels.

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