Sunday, 21 November 2010

Bought and sold with leprechaun's gold

The Republic of Ireland has accepted an EU bailout of up to €100bn.

After literally days of feigning resistance, the Vichy Irish government have caved in to pressure from their puppet masters and agreed to hand over effective control of their economy to the European Empire in exchange for a cauldron of leprechaun's gold.

Not only will this EU bailout be part funded by the UK, but Boy George has offered a few billion pounds in contingency loans "to help a friend in need".  And here was me thinking we were on "the brink of bankruptcy".

The EU now controls the Greek economy and the Irish economy.  Portugal, Spain and Italy will be next and then what happens?  We can't afford to bail out the entire continent and the French and Germans certainly aren't in a position to, not when their economies are hobbled by EU regulations.