Saturday, 6 November 2010

Clegg confirms Cameron's referendum lie

Nick Cleggover has formally announced Camoron's intention to deprive us of another promised referendum on the EU Constitution/Lisbon Treaty.

Camoron promised a "referendum lock" which would prevent any more powers being transferred to the EU or new treaties without a referendum.  It's been 6 months since he lied himself into power and since then he's handed over control of the financial sector to an EU regulator, approval of the national budget budget to an EU quango and signed up to the EU diplomatic corps representing our "interests" abroad.  How many referenda have we had?  None.

Now France and Germany want more powers for the EU over the economies of member states to help them prop up the Euro and to legalise the EU bailout of Greece.  The new powers will require a change to the Lisbon Treaty.  A change to the Lisbon Treaty requires a referendum, the Tories said so less than two months ago:
The lock will mean that any future treaty amendment which seeks to transfer power from the UK to Brussels will require a referendum in this country

- David Lidington, Minister for Europe the EU
Of course Camoron and Cleggover say that the new powers will only apply to members of the Euro but Herman van Rumpy-Pumpy says that the changes he has been asked to come up with will apply to all member states.

How do rank and file Tories put up with this constant betrayal from their leaders?  Almost every day another deceit is exposed, another promise broken, another lie told.  How can their members keep faith in their party when they are repeatedly deceived and their long-held principals abandoned to further the federalist agenda?  I can understand Tory MPs, MEPs and Councillors putting their careers and expenses before their principals but what about the majority of the rapidly declining membership (about 10k per year decline according to this source) who pay to be lied to?