Thursday, 27 January 2011

Defence cuts are a massive transfer of sovereignty to the EU.

With no apparent notice or discussion, the UKs armed forces are being dismantled.

Some of the latest sudden retirements:-

Arc Royal:
*New* Eurofighters!:

Our armed forces were already understrength and over committed. The Navy gave up a number of ships in return for a promise for 2 new aircraft carriers as part of the 1998 defence review. That number now reduced to 1, and even that subject to indefinite delays on construction and aircraft.

To have a government/state, the first requirement is for to be able to defend itself. If it can't be defended itself it has no sovereignty, it operates only at the whim and by virtue of the good will of others.

Without credible UK armed forces, there is no credible UK. If we are reliant on EU forces then EU are soverign here.

Dismantling our armed forces transfers sovereignty to the EU - where is our referendum?

The current phase of transfer of power and  (post Lisbon) is well under way.

Phase 1 was to create EU structures parallel to UK structures
Phase 2 is to wind down UK structures

The 'Bonfire of Quangos' does not remove the 'work' they did, often the UK quango was cut because there was already an EU quango in place to perform its function.

The same is happening with UK armed forces - this transfer is not about giving the EU operational control over our forces. It is winding down UK forces while the EU expands its own - with no history, loyalty or any other national baggage to hinder its obedience only to the unaccountable EU commission and their unelected 'High Representative'.