Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Lidington provokes dissent from rank and file Tories on EU Bill

ConservativeHome bravely published an article "Why every Conservative can be proud of the European Union bill" from the Minister for the EU, David Lidington yesterday.

The chances of getting a referendum
out of the EU Bill? About this much.
It was brave because the bill is about as popular as a dog turd sandwich amongst rank and file Tories and Lidington trying to sell it as "the most radical piece of legislation on how we handle the EU since Britain joined the then EEC in 1973" was never going to go down well but I don't think anyone expected it to go quite as badly as it has.

There are too many comments to count - there must be a couple of hundred by now - and I can't find one single comment agreeing with Lidington.  What there are lots of are comments from Tories saying how fed up they are of the europhile Tory leadership and people like David Lidington, William Hague and David Cameron insulting their intelligence by telling them that the EU Bill is protection from the assaults on our sovereignty by the European Empire.

It makes you wonder how the Tories have managed to keep as many members as they have judging by the number of unhappy people on ConHome.