Monday, 28 March 2011

EU plans to ban cars from cities by 2050

The EU has drawn up a plan to ban cars from cities in EU member states from the year 2050 to combat global warming climate change global climate disruption.

The British government says it won't be banning cars from cities (probably another cast iron guarantee) but does agree that the EU should be setting punishing and economically devastating targets to reduce carbon emissions.  Norman Baker, one of the British government's Transport Ministers, said that they won't be banning cars from cities but didn't rule out the target of a 50% reduction in petrol and diesel cars in cities.

Other EU orders that the British government will be blindly following are a unified air traffic control system, a massive rail building programme to connect airports and various targets to cut the number of petrol and diesel cars on the roads and the number of road journeys for freight.  All of which will cost us dearly.

The high speed rail routes that the British government is planning are part of this "Single European EU Transport Area", as are the electric car subsidies which they are planning will take up the slack.  All of which is a lovely idea but firstly, how do you get the electricity into the car in the first place and secondly, how do you get round the fact that you can only drive 60-odd miles in your electric car before you need to stop for 4 hours to charge it back up?  Will the next couple of decades solves this problem?  No.  Electric cars are a great idea if you live in a big city and travel a few miles a day but most of us don't.  We will be reliant on the black stuff for a long time, no matter how many targets the environmentalists in the EU set.

Oh and one final point: isn't it a little presumptuous and just a bit improbable that the EU will still be here in 38 years time?
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