Monday, 21 March 2011

The Golliwog Two join UKIP

Cast Iron Dave thinks brown
toys are racist
A husband and wife couple who resigned from the Conservative Party at the weekend after being suspended for having their pictures taken with a golliwog have joined UKIP.

Bill and Star Etheridge had their picture taken with the toy for the Campaign Against Political Correctness.  They were suspended from the Conservative Party for 30 days after someone supposedly complained.  Apparently, having your picture taken with a child's toy that has been popular for generations is bringing the party into disrepute.  Because having a black toy is clearly racist.  The Ministeress for Equality will no doubt be drafting laws as I type to ensure that only white faced toys appear in shops from now on.

Bill has published his letter of resignation on Facebook:
Please accept my immediate resignation from the Conservative party.

If my activities with the Campaign Against Political Correctness are not compatible with being a member of the Conservative party, then the Conservative party is not an organisation I wish to be
involved with.

I joined the party of Thatcher and Tebbit to find it has been hijacked by a watered down version of New Labour. I want no further part of it!


Bill Etheridge
Of course Lord Tebbit is still around but finding himself very much in the minority holding, as he does, conservative and eurosceptic views.  He's still clinging on desperately to the party he joined all those years ago which has been stolen from him, determined not to be forced out by the europhile blue labour Tory leadership.  But even he realises that the party is never going to change and encourages people to vote UKIP.

Bill told us:
The conservative party has been hijacked by people with no principles and who are purely motivated by power. I look forward to being an enthusiastic member of the last political party with principles.
Bill will be contesting the local election in Dudley for UKIP this year.  Good luck Bill!