Friday, 6 May 2011

Early results from yesterday's elections

It is looking likely that UKIP will have gained its first Welsh Assembly Member after securing 4.6% of the regional list vote (a 0.5% increase on the last election).  The 4.6% regional vote should be just enough to secure one AM.

The results in Scotland are looking pretty dire though, despite the huge amount of effort put into the campaign north of the border.  The SNP landslide shows that UKIP's regressive devolution policy is holding the party back.  The Scottish regional list votes are still being counted but as I type UKIP is still in 10th place, marginally behind the BNP and 700 votes short of the Scottish Christian Party.  A disappointing result in Scotland but entirely expected.

UKIP is yet to gain (or lose) a seat in England although many English councils are counting later today.  Northern Ireland is also yet to be counted but early indications are that UKIP's first foray into Northern Irish politics has been successful.