Friday, 6 May 2011

Scottish & Welsh results

The Scottish and Welsh counts have all finished and the SNP have romped home to a resounding victory in Scotland, forming the first SNP majority government.  UKIP got 2,508 votes or 0.1% of the vote - an increase of 0.1% on last time.  The UKIP guys in Scotland put in a sterling effort but the Scots know what they want and it's not this.

The Welsh Assembly hasn't materialised as well, the 4.6% of the vote just wasn't good enough for an AM on the regional list.  Like the Scots, the Welsh know what they want and they don't want this either.  They just voted for more power for the Welsh Assembly!

In England UKIP candidates have been faring slightly better.  UKIP is currently on 3 councillors but the loss/gain column on the BBC website keeps varying between 0 and -3 without the number of councillors changing.  UKIP candidates are coming in second and third in lots of seats where they aren't winning.

Well done to all the UKIP candidates that made the effort to put themselves forward and to the people who supported them.