Monday, 13 June 2011

No petition is going to save the UK from the EU.

UKIP received almost 1 million votes in the 2010 General Election.

Despite all the other issues that were floating around at the time - such as the economy, banking crisis, recession, Gordon Brown, Nick Clegg, the return of the Conservatives - almost 1 million people had a different number one priority. Their priority was an immediate withdrawal from the EU so the UK could be governed once again by our elected MP's at Westminster without bowing to Brussels.

How many signatures on a petition would be needed to give a stronger message than then 919,546 votes that UKIP received? A vote must be worth at least 10 times a signature on a petition, so unless a petition is aiming to collect around 10,000,000 signatures it is just a diversion of effort and distraction.

Don't bother with signatures for petitions - get signatures on UKIP membership forms. UKIP is the only party that wants the UK out of the EU for the benefit of every UK citizen.
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