Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Where do the LibDems and Nick Clegg really sit on UK Sovereignty? Here we see all...

The president of the LibDems MEP group in Brussels talks about his contempt for Her Majesties Government. A government that includes the LibDems and Nick Clegg! The LibDems' president also talks about his contempt for the people of the UK retaining sovereignty over their affairs, and calls on the UK government (which includes Cleggs LibDems) to transfer UK soverign rights and responsibilities to the EU.

Dynamite - someone really must confront Clegg with this.

In the mean time write to your LibDem MEPs (if you have one) and get their explanation of why they have a president that holds Nick Clegg's coalition government in such contempt - or does maybe Nick agrees with him? maybe just keeping it quiet?).

This site makes writing to you MEPs (and other elected representatives) simple http://www.writetothem.com/
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