Saturday, 17 December 2011


David Cameron has spoken words of support for Christianity, in case this is an off the cuff remark to keep Christians quiet, let me explain what
the seriousness of the situation. God demanded loyalty to him, he gave us this land that we live in and the people became Christians for the most part, and under the God of the Britons we became a great Nation because God strengthened us and caused us to be great in the world. In our times of trouble we always used to put our trust in God and come through it.Until we joined the E.U. When we did this we rejected God,s protection and put our Trust in our enemies, and expected that would cure our ills.It was a sin to do this when we think of all the blessings our country had at Gods hands.Now we were set the stall out for captivity and enslavement by our old enemies. The wisdom in decision making would have to be made by mans understanding without Gods input on the spirit of the decision maker as he had been rejected.
The Political class are now alone with a bad decision the E.U. and God and his ability to help has been mocked, and all the decisions have led
to disaster,for Britons, but the rich think they will be immune. Jesus Christ knew what would happen but could do nothing because of his law of
freedom of choice, he was not chosen to help. David Cameron needs to realize that he needs to take his own words deadly serious and make rapid arrangements to leave the E.U. And come home to Briton and Jesus Christ, because his foreign lovers in Europe have ripped of his Country. Yes we will have a bit of a hard time at first, but that is no more than we deserve, for our stupidity. Our teachers and their pupils and their masters on high do not know right from wrong because of the betrayal of our lord. Briton will never rise again without God shows them how Cameron needs to put on a coat of faith and lead Briton home.