Monday, 19 December 2011

Farage interviewed in Grauniad

I normally wouldn't go anywhere near the Guardian because it's usually just full of hate-filled far left bile and the hypocritical ravings of millionaire class warriors but they've done the unthinkable (for a left wing rag) and interviewed Nigel Farage.

Guardian journalist, Andrew Sparrow, threw the interview questions open to their readership and surprisingly got some sane and reasonable questions.

Farage came out of the interview really well considering the hard time he was always going to get from the far left.  The only disappointing bit was when he hinted at the possibility of UKIP offering an electoral pact to the Tories if they supported an EU referendum.  We've had a cast iron guarantee from Cameron for an EU referendum and it was worthless.  UKIP is not a Tory pressure group, it's a political party and if an MP or prospective MP is genuinely eurosceptic then they should be in UKIP, not propping up the europhile Tory dictatorship.