Sunday, 19 February 2012

Dr Miguel-Angel Meizoso and the European Arrest Warrant - From the pages of Ukip Hillingdon

Dr Miguel-Angel Meizoso and the European Arrest Warrant

I alongside other UKIP Hillingdon representatives recently attended a Launch for the Greater London Assembly Campaign. There I had the pleasure to meet Dr. Miguel-Angel Meizoso, a charming man who had been threatened with arrest an subsequent deportation for something not that he had done but something that he might do ! This is the European Arrest Warrant in action. (mjs)
As you can see our MEP Gerard Batten is on the case.  Thank Heavens UKIP stands up for the ordinary citizen against the clumsy ignorant might of the EU.  (mjs)
Parliamentary questions
2 March 2011
Question for written answer
to the Commission
Rule 117
Gerard Batten (EFD)
Subject: Dr Miguel Meizoso and the European Arrest Warrant
My constituent Dr Miguel Meizoso is facing immanent extradition to Spain on a European Arrest Warrant, which accuses him of a fraud he has not committed but allegedly ‘wants to commit in the future’. The EAW is issued by a Spanish ‘investigative magistrate’ on a private complaint without any further judicial or prosecutorial scrutiny. If extradited, Dr Meizoso may be kept in pre-trial detention without charge for up to two years, solely at the discretion of the magistrate.
The ill-defined ‘crime’, the oppressive procedure, and the very office of ‘investigative magistrate’ are all peculiar to the Spanish inquisitorial legal system. In response to criticism, the Spanish Government has now pledged to abolish ‘investigative magistrates’, a relic of the Franco regime, in the future. Meanwhile, an EAW from an ‘investigative magistrate’ still must be obeyed without question under the EU doctrine of ‘mutual recognition’. Dr Meizoso is not even allowed to place the evidence of his innocence before a British court.
1. Does the Commission consider ‘investigative magistrates’ in Spain to be a proper authority to issue a European Arrest Warrants?
2. Does the Commission think that an EAW should be used for a preliminary investigation before a charge is laid?
3. What safeguards against the outrages of inquisitorial legal systems of some EU Member States are provided in the EAW framework to protect the liberties enjoyed under English law for many centuries, especially freedom from arbitrary arrest?
4. In view of Dr Meizoso’s case, is the Commission satisfied with the operation of the EAW system, and that it includes sufficient safeguards against unfounded, unjust and malicious accusations?
5. Will the Commission take steps to improve the situation by repealing the framework decision on the European Arrest Warrant and leaving it to the national governments to make appropriate extradition arrangements on a bilateral basis?
As Dr. Meizoso says ” Why (does) the British and European media keep silent about my case ?   Why (does) the fate of law abiding citizens who stand for Justice & Democracy not matter to the media ?  ..
Why indeed !
Dr. Meizoso has a web site