Thursday, 12 April 2012

Greek elections to be held in May

The unelected Greek Prime Minister/EU regional administrator, Lucas Papademos, has announced elections next month.

Papademos is a former governor of the EU Central Bank and was appointed Prime Minister of Greece when the EU overthrew the elected Greek Prime Minister for announcing a referendum on the austerity measures the EU was imposing on the country.

The main parties in Greece all supported the EU coup d'├ętat, the appointment of an EU administrator as Prime Minister and the deep austerity that has caused severe hardship to millions of Greeks and they are expected to pay for their treachery at the polls on 6th May.

Since EU austerity measures were put in place in Greece, unemployment has hit almost 21% and some Greeks have been abandoning their children on the streets because they can't afford to feed them.  The suicide rate in Greece has gone up 40% since the start of EU austerity and an estimated 20,000 Athenians have been made homeless out of a population of about 660,000.

There is a gap in the Greek political system for a Greek version of UKIP - a party opposed to the EU and committed to a sustainable low tax economy, small government and personal freedoms.  Anyone opposing EU austerity and the reintroduction of the Drachma is bound to make a significant impact in the elections.  Anyone pledging to instigate criminal proceedings against Papademos and his co-conspirators for their part in the EU coup d'├ętat will probably win a landslide.
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