Thursday, 12 April 2012


Try to imagine a Marple that is true to the real British soul,here are some of the goodies we can have, EDUCATION:- The children of England are not being educated, they are being manipulated in to position.That position is to be brought up with such false ideas that it makes them accept defeat and overthrow of "all they can be" to "satisfactory slaves" unable to complain.What brought this situation about was a plan to change the minds of Britons from being a Christian Nation into being a Godless Nation.All they want now is a good job with good money, all else sinks down in the mind.We at UKIP want to bring back the true moral Briton who have good things swirling around in their minds.and not just good times and money, to achieve this we have to have not just free schools but a "Free pure school" That totally goes against the normal way.Honest true well mannered people with feeling, strength of soul, and clean minded. these are what our Government want to rid the Nation of.If you are not outraged at what we have become,you need to change your mind and go back to the better ways of our ancestors. UKIP council in Marple will attempt to remove tax on fuel for our members and voters. We do not want you to be robbed. let the EU supporters be robbed. UKIP have the theoretical right to "demand" and I will make these demands. UKIP have a right to demand a share in the Police so we can unchain them and defend the town better.for our members and voters.I mean like Police who are not subject to political correctness, this would mean a station in Marple for our own superior Force. The Government have told people to move around the Nation looking for work, at the same time,fuel has gone up public transport has gone up wages are becoming useless they are so low, how do you travel.UKIP will find a way round this problem. UKIP Security ideas to protect and prepare for civil unrest or foreign threat against the town is a visionary one, but cant say more than that. UKIP will organise an ample food bank for those in poverty for the future,I believe this will be needed more often than is. UKIP will have aa special housing policy to make sure nobody in the town is without a roof.