Thursday, 12 April 2012


An alternative Council means as follows- We the British people of Marple town are entitled to have a Council that is not subject to foreign demands, if you are subject to foreign demands then you are not free in your own right. you are a defeated town in real terms, because the free English desire is crushed.So, I propose that UKIP be given their own office and run a free English council apart from the Brussels controlled Council.And only for those who vote UKIP. If you do not vote UKIP then I assume you want to be ripped off in the normal way and assist in the overthrow of your freedom. We in Marple do not need a referendum.We need to legally take our rights, it is not illegal to ignore our oppressors, the French do it all the time.I can not be beaten in this legally. Can only be beaten by unlawful bullying by bent officials who are in the pay of the pro EU camps.Vote UKIP and give yourself a chance.