Monday, 21 May 2012

UKIP ahead of the Lib Dems once again in YouGov poll

UKIP is yet again ahead of the Lib Dems in the latest YouGov daily poll for the Sun.

Labour are still way out ahead on 44%, the Tories limping in to second with 32%, UKIP are third (as usual) with 8% and the Lib Dems are fourth with 7%.

YouGov are slowly getting their act together where UKIP is concerned.  UKIP didn't even get a mention in their headline, even if it was in third place and now the party is mentioned in the headlines (most of the time).  UKIP was in brackets at the end of the headline as if it was an afterthought or a statistical anomaly and now the brackets have been dropped.  Next thing they need to do is stop putting the fourth placed party (Lib Dems) in front of the third placed party (UKIP) followed by taking UKIP out of the "other" parties and offering it as an option alongside the three old parties.

We are still plugging away at the CEO of YouGov to get him to sort out this ridiculous manipulation of the political system and hope he will see sense soon.  There is no three party system in the UK any more and there won't be a three party system again unless the Lib Dem decline proves to be terminal.  YouGov is supposed to be in the business of predicting election results, not trying to unduly influence them by talking down UKIP and talking up the LibLabCon.
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