Monday, 20 August 2012

Dear Dan, the answer is no

There was talk last week (from the Tories) of a UKIP/Tory pact in the next set of elections.  We said that it's not UKIP's job to fix the Tories and gave 5 reasons why there should be no pact.
UKIP in his heart,
Tory in his pocket

Now Dan Hannan MEP has weighed in, calling for such a pact in time for the next election following Conservative Home's revelation that 60% of Tory members think a pact with UKIP would increase their chances.  More Tories thought that a "bankable" promise of an EU referendum (yes, another Cast Iron Guarantee™) was a better idea proving both that you can't fix stupid and that Hannan doesn't trust Cameron to give another Cast Iron Guarantee™ or to stick to it if he does.

A poll was started on a Facebook group open only to UKIP members last night asking if UKIP should enter into an electoral pact with the Tories.  So far 20 members have said no, 1 member has said maybe and nobody has said yes.

So just in case any Tories with big ideas about an electoral pact with UKIP haven't got the message yet: it's not our job to fix your party and it's certainly not our job (or in our interests) to help you win elections.  The answer (from the membership, at least) is NO.