Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Desperate Tories call for desperate measures

A "rebel" Tory conference has been organised by Windsor Conservatives in association with ConservativeHome editor Tim Montgomerie on the same day as the UKIP Conference in Birmingham.

The "Conservative Renewal Conference" is being billed as a grassroots initiative but the speakers list is a who's who of media-friendly establishment Tories and of course the chair of the conference, Tim Montgomerie, is paid to work for the Tories.  Six Tory MPs, three Tory MEPs, a Tory AM and assorted Tory councillors, staffers and hangers-on is less grassroots and more gooseberry bush.

A cynical person might think that Montgomerie had organised the conference to coincide with the UKIP conference to try and attract disaffected Tories who might otherwise go to the UKIP conference and see first hand why so many Tories are defecting.