Saturday, 24 November 2012

The Actions of Rotherham Social Services show why Labour is Vunerable

Like most people, UKIP voters or otherwise, I was literally struck speechless with revulsion at the actions of Rotherham social services in taking away children from a fostering couple on the basis of their political views. Whether the couple supported UKIP, Tory, Labour, Lib Dem, Green or Respect doesn't matter - it is a truly terrifying, Orwellian act.

I imagine the second emotion felt by many of us in UKIP, and certainly myself, was fear. One day, they may come for my own daughter.

Here is the hard Left in all it's authoritarian ugliness. Coming as I do from neighbouring Sheffield, I recognise instantly it's distinctive face, bringing back a host of 30 year old unpleasant memories. It appears little has changed since I left.

In trying to understand what has happened, one thing that has been largely (but not entirely: h/t @WelshTory et al.) overlooked is that fact that the couple were former Labour voters.

Obviously only the people engaged in this vile action know their true motives, but I would be willing to bet that has a great deal to do with it. What keeps the authoritarian left up at night in a cold sweat  is the thought that, one day, the proles (as they truly see them) will rebel. That they will no longer like what they are given, shut up and be content to vote Labour every five years.

Which brings us to UKIP. UKIP are the hard left's worst nightmare - a party with no class baggage, seen as patriotic, firm but fair on immigration with a message of self-reliance tempered by social justice and conservatism.  That message chimes extremely well with the aspirations of a great many working class voters. But it is very bad news indeed for the local government nomenclatura, not least because of the threat to potential or actual sources of European funding and all those nice jobs for the boys and girls that result from them.

It would be unfair to associate the entire Labour Party with the actions of Rotherham Council social services, but nor should it be denied that those actions have their roots within the now dominant strand of Politically Correct thought within the broader Labour movement. The Labour Party knows it is highly vunerable to this charge but it's freedom of manoeuvre is limited because it's modern funding base lies with politically correct, white collars unions such as Unite. As such, it is dangerously isolated from it's base.

In the North, Labour is ripe to fall. Let's initiate a Northern Strategy.

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