Friday, 23 November 2012

Rotherham Social Services remove children from foster parents for being UKIP members

A couple in South Yorkshire have had their foster children taken off them because they are UKIP members.

Yeah, right.
According to the Telegraph, the unnamed couple fostered three young children (one of which is a baby) who settled in well.  So well that the two eldest children even started calling their foster parents mum and dad.  But social services decided that their membership of UKIP meant they had racist views on immigration and were therefore unfit to care for the three black children and they were removed from their home.

This is absolutely outrageous and this social worker needs to be sacked.  Not only does the social worker need to be sacked but every one of their colleagues and managers who supported the decision (it's not one that will have been made unilaterally) needs to be sacked.  Even if it means sacking the entire social services department and starting again. These disgusting lowlifes who conspired to take three young children from a loving home because of their own ignorance and intolerance should never work in social services again.

The couple want to remain anonymous to protect the children they fostered but the council responsible for this is named as Labour-controlled Rotherham where an election is being held next week to replace the disgraced former Labour MP, Denis McShane, who has been forced to resign after admitting to fraudulently misusing taxpayers' money.  Needless to say, if Jane Collins becomes UKIP's first MP next week you can expect some serious questions being asked about Rotherham social services in Westminster.

In the meantime, you can contact the relevant department on 01709 823987.

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council are on Twitter - @RMBCPress. You might like to let them know how you feel about them right now.
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