Wednesday, 28 November 2012

YI Elections Officer election

We've already brought you election statements for Young Independence Chairman and Events officer and there's one final statement to publish: Gareth Shanks for elections officer.

We asked both Gareth and his opponent, Ross Taylor, to send us a statement for the website.  Unfortunately, only Gareth sent a statement so here it is:
We need to be looking outwards, not inwards, council seats are the seeds which very well might one day create UKIP strong holds!

I have worked with Jonathan Arnott on his PCC campaign, done countless days of leafleting and campaigning, both for UKIP campaigns and for the Doncaster mayoral referendum, furthermore I have organized and will be running a YI election action day for the Rotherham by-election. I believe I have enough experience from within my region of Yorkshire to hold this post as well as more than enough enthusiasm!

Things I will bring to YI if elected:
  • Help and motivate YI members to become more involved in elections at every level.
  • Concentrate on local elections as these are the key to building up local support for National and EU elections. 
  • To give individuals who may not have a local branch the ability to stand for local councils via supplying an election pack containing leaflet designs, advice and support for the election.
  • Having a YI regional head in charge of campaigning for that area.
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