Tuesday, 11 December 2012

UKIP on 16% in TNS-BMRB opinion poll

UKIP is polling 16% in the latest TNS-BMRB opinion poll - double the support the Lib Dems can expect.

Labour are way out in front on 41% as is usually the case when someone is cleaning up the financial mess they leave behind after being in power but the Tories have nosedived to 26% - just 10% ahead of UKIP. Amongst the over 65 population UKIP is on 24% and this is the section of society most likely to vote.  Support is pretty consistent across England with the exception of the north west whilst support in Scotland is marginally higher than usual on 6%.  TNS-BMRB lump Wales in with the west of England which prevents us from getting a good view of performance in either.

Bizarrely, TNS-BMRB still lumps UKIP in with the "Other" parties despite out-polling the Lib Dems by 100% and accounting for 76% of the "Other" vote.  We will, of course, get in touch with the polling company to point out how ridiculous it looks and ask them to change it.  Opinium got back in touch with us after publishing their poll at the start of the month to say that they would be including UKIP in all their graphics but the main one on their website was difficult because it was produced in a different way to the rest of them.