Thursday, 10 January 2013

Stocksbridge Town Councillor Jack Clarkson Joins UKIP

Stocksbridge Town Councillor Jack Clarkson Joins UKIP

The Stocksbridge & Penistone Branch of The UK Independence Party is delighted to announce that on January the 10th 2013 Jack Clarkson will represent the UK Independence party as Town Councillor for Stocksbridge.

Jack is an experienced Councillor on the Stocksbridge Town Council and has represented and fought for many local people in relation to issues ranging from simple Council house repairs/accommodation problems to more complex issues surrounding the involvement of the Local Government Ombudsman.

Jack left the Lib Dem’s after Nick Clegg’s announced that ‘he was sorry’ for making a pledge to cut student tuition fee’s, a pledge that Jack as always maintained should have been kept and honoured, after all it had been promised to the electorate during the 2010 General Election.
Jack said, “For me Nick Clegg’s Integrity is as been totally shot to pieces, people know that a promise is a promise. You simply don’t make pledges to the electorate then renege on your promise.
Saying sorry after life threatening riots simply just sucks, and I find Nick Cleggs comments simply embarrassing.”
Although Jack has been acting as an independent Cllr on the Stocksbridge Town Council, he has been an advisor and running mate for Jonathan Arnott (UKIP’s) Sheffield Branch Chair in the local Police and Crime Commissioners elections which took place in November last year and was assisted in campaigning for the prospective UKIP Parliamentary Candidate for Rotherham around the Thorpe Hesley area.

Jack said: “For the last six months I’ve been quite heavily involved with UKIP campaigning on several fronts, and we’ve seen some fantastic results.  I’ve met some really nice genuine people, ‘who tell it as it is’ and are not afraid to speak out about real issues and not bury their heads in the sand like representatives of the other main stream parties.

Many people are concerned about their jobs, housing, pensions and how the issue of immigration has and will continue to have a detrimental effect on all of these issues.

As a UKIP Town Councillor for Stocksbridge, I will ensure that common sense policies and proposals are put forward and supported.  My announcement to become a UKIP Town Councillor will definitely upset many of the serving Councillors on the Town Council, why? because they all see UKIP as a  real threat, a party that represents people, and a party that fights for local people.

At the moment Labour in Sheffield are ensuring that their favoured areas are being looked after and it is quite evident that monies has been diverted away from Stocksbridge and the Upper Don Valley, I will continue to highlight and fight against Labours unfair polices that are being inflicted on Stocksbridge in relation to the sports centre and Deepcar’s recycling centre.

Nigel Farage MEP & Leader of the UK Independence Party said “I am delighted that Jack is joining our team in Stocksbridge  His move to UKIP just highlights that UKIP members come from across the spectrum. That people of his calibre and life experience now see UKIP as a way to improve the lot of their locality speaks volumes about the way that this party is moving forwards and upwards. Welcome aboard Jack!”
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