Thursday, 10 January 2013

Thoughts of a Young Independence member #1 The Neville Scandal.

An Observer Opinium poll has recently revealed Ukip to be beating the Tories in the North West, ( I'm not one to boast, (especially after those tiring London elections), but this does not only amplify the increasing momentum of Ukip support, but the sheer enthusiasm for - a Ukip. This already defeats the pinnacle of public enthusiasm for the Lib-Dems, in that epoch when it was ok to blabber on elusive policies - frankly, because it was cool being the political bench warmer. Nonetheless, I'm not digging into pre-2010 politics today.

Bluntly, Young Independence, the, (before all this to the least), rapidly growing Youth Wing of Ukip, is now in limbo after facing a leadership crisis soon after a November by-election. A very upset Olly Neville - and right to be - was revoked of his Chairmanship of YI in an NEC decision. This was followed by the voluntary resignation of Christina Marian Annesley, as Deputy Chair of YI Yorkshire, Gareth Shanks, as YI Elections Officer, and Allrik Birch, as YI Treasurer, in protest to the NEC's decision. A 'decision' made merely because his Libertarian values were a couple steps ahead to that of the NEC.

 The decision was inane; not even deserving 'insane'. He was elected by a landslide majority and had great intentions for YI, as any bloke believing in a future Ukip force should; hence I have started to question the NEC's long-term vision of Ukip. They must comprehend the fact that Ukip actually does have a gleam in the eye which does steadily entice Lady Britannia; something which the Lib-Dems never enjoyed and the Conservatives have lost in the North West.

I don't necessarily agree with Neville. Moreover, I was strongly cognizant of his views on issues such as prostitution and drugs - when I voted for him. Voted for him.

Gay marriage? I wasn't surprised. He's a pure Libertarian; I'm not. Although, I do possess sympathy for the drugs argument, particularly on cannabis reform. But that's the beauty of YI, isn't it? We either have yellow, purple or striped tied YouthKipers working together in harmony in efforts establish ground in the social fabric. Neville was an opportunity to enhance this relationship and get it working on the doorstep.

Nevertheless, I believe in YI - we will find our way, hopefully starting to replicate Ukip's momentum with the youth, already with a redoubling platform in universities and just starting to pierce into the bigger youth picture. A brilliant bunch indeed.