Sunday, 10 March 2013

Eastleigh - what's next?

Thurrock reports ~

An interesting week it was, on the one hand and little reported fact is London mayoral candidate for 2012 Lawrence Webb is fighting the Gooshays by-election (21st March) in Havering, Essex -  our friends and neighbors.

We - Ukip Thurrock turned out, provided support by way of leafleting and from the responses received today at the doorstep it's looking good ;) but and its a big 'BUT'. Must we be complacent? and NO is the answer I suggest for whilst the current UKIP surge is gaining momentum we surely must prepare for the dips? 

No, I am not going negative, merely I suggest it  is something to be considered by each and every reader, for whilst the surge toward interest in UKIP is attracting much support we cannot succumb to any and such denial that 'there may be trouble ahead". The road is long and maybe difficult.

A pragmatic position.

On the other had this week we received a touching 'post it' note attached to the back of a (chq) donation. "To UKIP, thanks for booklet and letter. This £5 is a one off payment , I cannot do more or help with things as I'm in my 80's and not very mobile. good luck".

Anyone with a heart can but not align with and be heartened upon receiving such a message, it strikes at the very discord within our so called elected representatives and how they are disconnected from the electorate. Is it any wonder voters are disenfranchised with the political system within our country, a nation in crisis and a sea shift change in our midst.

Unsurprisingly as you read this my support goes to those that feel they have no voice, an unheard community that desire real change and are sick to the back teeth of the current regime.

Vote UKIP.