Wednesday, 10 July 2013

UNITE is not Labour's only problem

This week Joe Dromey, son of Harriet Harman MP and Jack Dromey MY, was selected as a Labour PPC for 2015. As the niece of a Countess, no doubt Harriet is fully in favour of the hereditary process.

Did they say the party of One Nation or One Family?

Look at how the scions of Labour grandees - Blair, Prescott, Straw, Benn, Mandelson  etc - easily find safe seats in Parliament.

UNITE has not only rigged selection of PPCs in Falkirk and elsewhere in favour of its own candidates, but has also forced out a number of existing ethnic minority candidates in the process.

In some places a strong male PPC has suddenly found the seat became a women-only shortlist.

Liberal Democrats and Conservatives are just as corrupt. There are no females in the Liberal Democrat's shadow cabinet. The Conservatives have their 'A List' of wealthy upper class candidates eg Zack Goldsmith.

Before our free press is neutered, post-Leveson and Hacked Off, it should investigate the levels of patronage and sinecure (- the BBC is a classic example of the latter for former Ministers) used by Government and compare it with the excesses prevalent in the Walpole era, which many believe was the most corrupt government of all time. At this rate, today's MPs would make Walpole look miserly.
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