Sunday, 30 November 2014

The Public Is Bored Of Cameron And His Cast Iron Promises

It was another 'big moment' from Ol' Cast Iron. "Game- changing speech", "UKIP killer", etc, etc.

And everyone yawned.

Speaking personally, I really couldn't be bothered to read what he said in any detail - something about cutting benefits to immigrants, was it? Firstly, Cameron's "essay crisis" style of leadership - or more correctly followship - is entirely reactive. As such it is always, too little too late, and his lazy, gentleman-amateur way of governing means that the details are invariably badly thought out and the proposals sloppy. Finally, of course, is his notorious mendacity and bad faith in following through on implementation.

Like Tony Blair before him, Cameron seems to view the act of making a speech about something as real as doing what he was talking about. In Blair's case, his charisma meant that it certainly worked for a considerable time as far as electoral popularity was concerned, but by the time Cameron came along people had begun to see through the charade. Cameron both  lacks Blair's star quality and was elected by people already bored of spin and style over substance. Whereas Blair inherited an economic boom, Cameron has had to govern in a time of unremitting austerity.

All these reasons means that Cameron's shelf-life at the top in considerably shorter than his mentors. The boredom and sense of ennui when he gave his latest speech marks the beginning of the end. The public are beginning to want a change in leader. Although Cameron's personal ratings are considerably above his party's, this will change as boredom changes to hostility. Never very popular with his backbenchers, he has made plenty of enemies due to his aloofness and arrogance. Once his personal approval ratings become worse than his party's, then it's possible he will face a leadership challenge.

However, it is more likely that he will simply step down quite soon after the next election. Never very interested in governing, his ambition was simply to be Prime Minister for a period of time, because, well it's just something that someone of his background is born to do. Soon it's back to the grouse, the hunt and riding with the Chipping Norton set. He will leave behind him a country little if any better than the one he found, and a demoralised and badly damaged Conservative Party.

But we in UKIP should thank him. If it wasn't for his arrogance, his Metropolitan snobbery, his ill-treatment and contempt for his own activists, his complacency and cowardice, UKIP would perhaps never have morphed into the powerful insurgent force it is today.

Agent Cameron, once again we salute your service to Queen, country and the United Kingdom Independence Party.