Friday, 28 November 2014

UKIP win in Bridlington

UKIP candidate, Malcolm Milns, won a by-election yesterday in Bridlington to take UKIP's first seat on East Riding Council.

Milns is already a town councillor for Bridlington and won the East Riding seat comfortably.

Bridlington is a working class northern town that has problems with unemployment, health and a dwindling tourist economy - proof, if proof were needed, that UKIP prospers in Labour's post-industrial heartlands just as much as it does in the leafy suburbs and country towns that have traditionally been Tory strongholds.

Malcolm MilnsUKIP40130.85%
John CopseyConservative35227.08%
Liam DealtryIndependent21716.69%
Terry DixonIndependent21416.46%
Neil TateIndependent1168.92%