Friday, 30 October 2009

Huntingdon North By-election

The Lib Dims managed to cling on to the Huntingdon North seat in Cambridgeshire in a by-election yesterday.

The Tories took a vacant seat in the same district last year but the Lib Dims managed to replace the outgoing Lib Dim councillor with another one last night. UKIP doubled their vote share from the by-election last year to come third behind the Tories and in front of Liebour.

The results are as follows (last year's results in brackets):

Lib Dim: 243 (300) ( up +2.7%)
Conswervative: 213 (473)( down – 18.7%)
UKIP: 167 (83) = 22.3% ( up +14.1%)
Liebour: 123 (147) = 16.4% (up +1.8%)


Anonymous said...

Superb result for UKIP, although I'm puzzled as to why the LibDims have gained slightly.

Any intelligence available as to why this might be?