Friday, 6 May 2011

Abhijit Pandya bombs in Leicester South

Some people defended Abhijit Pandya the other day when the UKIP candidate in the Leicester South by-election called for the deportation of immigrants who don't work.  It's "free speech", it's "libertarian" ...

His call for immigrants to integrate was very welcome and he should be getting three cheers rather than abuse from phoney patriots and ignorant fools who put political correctness before principle.

Very welcome.  So welcome he attracted a massive 2.9% of the vote.  Some people on the UKIP members' forum said he would attract more votes than he lost because of what he said.  Really?  He would have got less than 2.9%?

Pandya is not a suitable person to be advising UKIP on community cohesion and policy.
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