Monday, 9 May 2011

No2EU takes over EU Day

It may have escaped your attention - what with it being largely irrelevant to pretty much everyone - that today is Europe Day.  Interestingly, the EU's Twitter accounts are calling it "EU Day" rather than "Europe Day".

Despite a change of regime last week that's installed a Labour council, Telford & Wrekin Council's offices haven't got the EU rag flying.  I expect they'll replace the English flag with the EU rag soon and they'll have a battle on their hands if they do but that's a different matter.  Hopefully councils and public bodies up and down the country will have ignored the day as well.

I would love to have ceremonially burnt an EU ringpiece of stars flag - something that is now illegal thanks to the EU Constitution/Lisbon Treaty - to mark the day but a) I don't have one and certainly have no intentions of buying one and b) I would rather just ignore the day like everyone else.

It's also illegal to insult an employee or official of the EU.  So by calling Herman van Rumpy-Pumpy a useless Belgian cock-smoker, Baroness Cathy Ashtray a communist non-entity and Emperor Barosso a corrupt philandering fascist I am breaking EU law.  And you know what?  I don't give a damn.  I don't recognise the authority of the EU and I certainly don't recognise the primacy of EU law.

Some enterprising individuals marked the day by setting up an OfficialNo2EU Twitter account and getting #no2eu trending as the top keyword all day on Twitter.  That's a much more productive way to celebrate the EU's "achievements".
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