Wednesday, 11 May 2011

EU Court of Justice rules criticising EU is illegal

The EU Court of Justice has ruled that it is illegal to criticise the EU in an unfair dismissal hearing.

EU Gendamerie getting ready to raid
UKIP supporting households
Bernard Connolly, a world renowned economist, was sacked by the EU Commission after publishing a book criticising the EU's monetary union policy.  The EU Constitution Lisbon Treaty makes insulting the EU or its officials illegal which is presumably the legal basis for the EU Court ruling that Connolly had broken the law by criticising the EU.

It may not seem that important, it being little more than an industrial tribunal hearing, but it has implications for us all because EU courts have primacy over our own thanks to successive traitor governments who have allowed the House of Lords to be replaced as the ultimate legal authority in England with a "Supreme Court" that is subservient to the EU courts.  This ruling sets a precedent that will allow criticism of the EU to be criminalised across the board, euroscepticism made illegal and anti-EU political parties banned.